How to Submit a Helpdesk Ticket

1. Go to the Clear Creek website:

2. Click on the green Login button at the top-right corner of the page.


3. Type in your Clear Creek email address and password. Then select “Login”.

4. From the My Apps page, select "IT Helpdesk" 

5. You can search through the Knowledge base or submit a new support ticket. To submit a ticket click on the "New Support Ticket" link. 

6. In the subject line, type in what your main issue is. Be brief, but specific. 

7. Select the main issue from the drop-down menu. This will determine which agent gets assigned your ticket. 

8. Type in a full description of the issue. Include all the information we will need to determine where the issue is and any other important details. Screenshots are often very helpful. 

9. Finally, submit the ticket. An agent will contact you if they need further information. 

Please check your work/student email for updates on the ticket. If you cannot login through the website, please send your ticket directly to using your secondary email address on your SONIS account (personal email).