Sometimes, accessing your 1098-T can feel a bit like practicing black magic.  Since we’re a Bible College, we definitely don’t want you feeling like we’re cooking up anything from the dark arts.  In order to take the mystery out of the darkness that is the 1098-T, we have conjured this Tech Short article.

Before we begin there are some things you should know.  First, the screenshots and instructions in this article are from the perspective of a current student.  If you are a new alumnus, you will simply replace “Student” with Alumni and instead of your “student email” address you will replace it with your current primary email.  We will try to keep you clued-in along the way.

Accessing My 1098-T

  1. It is best (if you are a student) to access Clear Creek resources from the Clear Creek website.  Connect to and click on “Login” at the top-right of the page in the black bar.  Once you log in to the Single Sign-On platform, you will see the app button labeled “SONIS | Student”.  
    However, if you are an alumnus, or you want to save a click:
    Students can go to
    Alumni can go to

  2. When you have reached the login page, students will enter their student email address, and the PIN you were provided for SONIS access.  Alumni will enter their current email address on file.  If you don’t know what that email address is, please send an email to and we will respond with your information.  You may be asked to provide additional information over the phone in order for us to verify your identity.

  3. Once you login, you will see a menu along the left side. Click on "Home" then “1098-T.” 

  4. Once you have clicked the button, you will see the following screen which will allow you to click a button to download or view the 1098-T.

That’s it!  All darkness removed and sufficient light shed.  We hope you found this article helpful.  As always, if you have questions feel free to contact us at